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Tim Winner

01 February 2024

37m 37s

Uncovering the Wonders of Science with Jes Burns



In this episode of Techlandia, Skip chats with Jes Burns, OPB Science reporter and host of 'All Science No Fiction,' the show explores interesting and creative approaches through the lens of science and technology. By featuring scientists and their work, the show aims to demystify science, increase trust in scientific research, and inspire wonder and curiosity in listeners. Jes highlights the importance of interdisciplinary approaches and incorporating natural world inspirations in scientific advancements. Jes believes that by understanding and appreciating nature's millions of years of evolution, we can find more efficient and effective solutions to today's problems. 'All Science No Fiction' also focuses on stories that have real-world impact, showcasing the practical applications of science and technology in areas such as renewable energy, disaster response, and environmental protection.

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