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Tim Winner

10 November 2023

26m 9s

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Benefits: Insights from Mark Ehl



In this episode of Techlandia, Mark Ehl, President of Get Benefits and Founder of Techworks, shares valuable insights and expert advice on navigating the ever-changing landscape of benefits. As companies prepare for year-end planning and open enrollment, Mark emphasizes the importance of a progressive approach throughout the year to address evolving needs and gather feedback from new hires and existing employees. He highlights the significance of customization, flexibility, and communication in creating competitive and attractive benefits packages. Mark discusses strategies for managing costs while maintaining valuable benefits, including the concept of choice and the integration of pretax tools. He also recommends technology solutions such as Employee Navigator and Paylocity for simplifying benefits administration and enhancing the overall employee experience. Furthermore, Mark stresses the importance of legal compliance and risk mitigation in benefits planning, including ERISA requirements. Finally, he explores how benefits packages contribute to a strong company culture and reinforces organizational values and mission.



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