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Tim Winner

23 January 2024

32m 3s

Valaurum: Making Gold Accessible through Innovative Technology



Valaurum, a technology company specializing in gold currency, has experienced significant growth since its establishment in 2012. The company initially focused on the collectibles market but expanded its offerings to include gold bills for countries and private gold bullion. Valaurum's innovative technology allowed them to make gold more accessible by reducing manufacturing costs and enhancing the aesthetics of their products with the help of skilled designers. The demand for gold as a hedge against inflation and volatile currency markets has driven Valaurum's success, leading to the continuous doubling of its capacity and expansion of its facilities. Valaurum plans to hire skilled technicians and top executives to support its growth as it continues to scale its operations. The CEO, Adam Trexler, also expresses optimism about Portland's tech community and encourages more involvement in early-stage companies. Additionally, he highlights the global market potential and the need to cater to developing countries' evolving tastes and demands.

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