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Tim Winner

18 January 2024

27m 15s

Discovering the Future of Legal Tech with Mike Ulin of Paxton AI



In this podcast episode, Mike Ulin, the CTO and co-founder of Paxton AI, a legal tech company, discusses their journey in the legal tech market. Paxton AI is a generative AI legal assistant for attorneys, helping them with legal research and document drafting. Although not an attorney, Ulin brings his experience in legal tech and AI to the company. He shares his background and the process of attaining regulatory approvals for their AI models. Ulin also discusses the fundraising challenges and strategies that worked for Paxton AI, emphasizing the importance of pitching AI applications in today's market. As for future plans, Paxton AI aims to develop its AI platform further, focusing on product improvement and go-to-market strategies. Ulin highlights the growing adoption of AI technologies in the legal industry and the excitement surrounding the potential impact of AI tools like Paxton AI. Overall, Paxton AI's aim is to revolutionize the legal tech market and provide attorneys with efficient and effective AI-powered solutions.

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