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Tim Winner

31 October 2023

33m 25s

Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Policy: AI



In this episode of Techlandia, Skip Newberry interviews Michael McGeary, the Chief Operating Officer of Allied for Startups, to discuss the intersection of technology and policy. They delve into how Allied for Startups supports startup ecosystems around the world and advocates for their needs in policy debates. McGeary emphasizes the importance of startups being involved in the regulatory process to ensure their voices are heard. They also explore the regulatory landscape for AI and data privacy, with a focus on the different approaches taken in Europe and the United States. McGeary highlights the need for a balanced approach that allows startups to innovate while also addressing potential risks. He encourages startups to engage with local and national tech associations to amplify their impact and influence policy decisions. Overall, the conversation highlights the vital role startups play in shaping technology policy and the importance of their active participation in the political process.

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