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Tim Winner

06 June 2024

33m 2s

Navigating the Latest Trends in Board Selection and Management



In this podcast episode, Skip Newberry, the president and CEO of Tao, sits down with Jim Hayden and Marcus Kent from Board Developer to discuss the latest trends in board selection and management. Board developer specializes in advisory boards, focusing on non-fiduciary boards in both for-profit and nonprofit spaces. Jim and Marcus share their professional journeys and how they ended up at Board Developer, a company that solves the problem of dysfunctional boards. They discuss the importance of finding the right board members who can effectively move the organization forward and how advisory boards can supercharge companies by filling gaps in the executive team and inspiring new ideas. They emphasize the role of the CEO in running the business and not the board, allowing for focused and strategic decision-making. The podcast also highlights the announcement of Marcus taking over as CEO, marking an evolutionary step for Board Developer's growth and expansion.

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