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Tim Winner

20 June 2024

29m 53s

Proactive Cybersecurity Measures for SMBs: Don't Wait for an Attack



In this episode of the Techlandia podcast, John Stephens and Hank Hathaway from Convergence Networks join the discussion to shed light on their company's footprint in Oregon and the range of IT services and cybersecurity offerings they provide. They emphasize the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity, especially for SMBs, and offer insights into the current threats and challenges businesses face in the ever-evolving technological landscape. The experts highlight the need for multifactor authentication, employee training, and proactive vulnerability management. They also emphasize the significance of compliance and the NIST cybersecurity framework in guiding organizations to implement adequate security measures. With the rising risks of phishing, smishing, and social engineering, John and Hank emphasize the importance of ongoing education and defense in depth. They urge businesses to partner with trusted cybersecurity providers like Convergence Networks to stay informed, implement best practices, and ensure their organizations' long-term security and resilience.

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