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Tim Winner

27 June 2024

25m 23s

Solving Real Estate Investment Challenges: An Interview with Will Their, CEO of Fundpilot



In this episode of Techlandia, Skip New Berry, President and CEO of TAO, interviews Will Their, CEO of Fundpilot, a product focused on solving the problems between real estate entrepreneurs, investment managers, and investors. They discuss Fundpilot's origin story, its evolution within Verivest, and the challenges of creating a new company from an existing business. Will shares insights into the real estate investment market, including the impact of the Jobs Act, challenges with commercial real estate loans, and the importance of deepening capital relationships. He also explains Fundpilot's value offering and how it de-risks the acquisition process and facilitates investor relations. Will discusses the competition in the market and how Fundpilot aims to become the single operating system for real estate investment managers. He shares plans for integrating AI technologies, implementing self-serve features, and the company's seed stage round and future growth in the Portland area.

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