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Tim Winner

22 February 2024

43m 14s

Strategic Thinking in Product Management: Pathways to Success



In this episode of Techlandia, Jonathan Hensley and Jim Gochee CEOs of Emerge and Blameless, respectively, engage in a conversation about demystifying product management. They discuss the role of product in a company, emphasizing the importance of balancing customer needs and business objectives. They delve into the process of value creation, including the emotional factors that impact customer perception. Time-to-value is explored as a critical element in product success, along with the challenges of collaborating across functions in an organization. They examine the need for product managers to act as the CEO of the product, owning the strategy and collaborating with various teams to achieve goals. The conversation concludes with insights on building bridges and fostering a community of product management thinkers. Overall, this insightful discussion provides valuable perspectives and practical advice for anyone involved in the technology industry and interested in product management.

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