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Tim Winner

18 December 2023

27m 31s

Revolutionizing Education: The Power of Immersive Learning



In this episode of the Techlandia podcast, there is a discussion with Jay Schnorr, the CEO of Vedex, a global tech company. Jay shares his background and the inspiration behind the founding of his company, which focuses on immersive learning. He emphasizes the importance of language learning in higher education and how virtual reality can be used to enhance learning experiences. The conversation delves into the ideal customers and partners for Vedex, including high schools, universities, and companies seeking effective training programs. This episode also explores the impact of COVID-19 on education and the potential for personalized and individualized instruction through AI tools. Jay addresses the challenges of technology adoption by educators and emphasizes the need for easy-to-use and accessible immersive learning solutions. The discussion concludes with a focus on the importance of computer science education in Oregon, calling for a statewide curriculum and increased access to coding for students.

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