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Tim Winner

29 February 2024

36m 15s

Navigating the Ever Evolving Media Landscape: Insights from Paul Lesinski



In this episode of Techlandia, Skip Newberry interviews Paul Lesinski from Edelman to gain insights into the ever-evolving media landscape. They discuss the recent Edelman Trust Barometer and its findings on trust in different entities like government, media, business, and NGOs. Lesinski emphasizes the importance of companies standing for something and being genuine in their storytelling. He also discusses the role of thought leadership and data-driven storytelling in establishing a tech company's credibility and attracting decision-makers' attention. Lesinski provides tips on how companies can cut through the noise in the digital world, reach their target audience effectively, and navigate potential crises or negative events. The conversation touches on the national perception of Portland, the challenges of changing that perception, and the rebound of in-person interactions and opportunities for innovation in the tech industry. The episode offers valuable insights for tech companies looking to enhance their PR and communications strategies.

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